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School of Media & Design

    With a total number of 1062 undergraduate students and 51 faculty members, School of Media & Design consists of four majors, namely journalism, advertisement, art design and industrial design as one of the Key Majors in the city of Ningbo. The faculty are staffed by distinguished scholars and dedicated teachers, among whom there are 7 professors, 5 associate professors, 7doctors and 1 doctor candidate. We have two PhD mentors and two master mentors too. Based on these excellent teachers, seven research centers have been established such as Center for Journalism and Communication Research, Center for Advertisement and Creative Industry Research, and Center for Media Development Research.
    School of Media & Design has 6 laboratories, namely radio & TV, newspaper editing, graphic advertisement & design, film & animation, sculpture art, and industry design. All the laboratories are fully-equipped for the need of teaching and research.
    These facilities have greatly promoted professional training of the four majors. Two renowned practical activities, Walking Journalist and Advertising Plan A, have been carried out in the summer holiday each year now. Being the one with a longer history, Walking Journalist for journalism majors has been carried out for five successive years since 2007, with near 1000 students involved so far. The activity also gains attention and reputation from media and government of all levels as well. Six practice collections have come out of it and been published.
    The School's faculty have different origins and educational backgrounds. Several of our faculty are prominent figures in local research circles for their insightful and enriching studies of media, net culture and creative industry.
    School of Media & Design pays great attention to international exchange. Seven of our faculty have been visiting scholars outside mainland and several teachers had studied overseas. We also invited renowned scholars from Italy, Canada, Japan, England, Hong Kong and Taiwan to visit our school as well.
    Students of the school take initiative to participate in major-related competitions and have got good result. In the Multi-media Design Competition for Undergraduates of Zhejiang Province, our students were awarded 29 prizes including the first prize. In the Red Dot Design Award 2011, a top international industrial design competition, our students were invited to attend the award ceremony in Singapore for their outstanding performance.  

Our Mission
To be the cradle of creative industries talents for young people interested in journalism, advertising, design, film and animation.
Our Vision
News brings vitality, Practice makes future
Creativity changes life, Advertising creates values
Design—eye of a country, Art—soul of a society


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